Nalu Botanicals is currently Hawaii’s first and only organic ethanol hemp extraction center.

Nalu Botanicals carries proprietary formulas such as a water soluble CBD made from the hemp flower, plastics made with the hemp skins, hempcrete made from the interior stalks and hemp batteries from the lower stalk.

Nalu Botanicals was founded by experienced entrepreneurs, legal professionals, political experts, hemp growers, hemp processors and compliance experts who have gained knowledge and intellectual property over the years in the hemp industry to develop successful systems in such a complex, confusing, and comprehensive industry.

Our Values


Our Company
We give respect to our Hawaiian roots by doing big business with Aloha.

Our Team
We combine our minds and energy with massive focus on common goals.

Our Work Environment
We work as hard as it takes to get a project done. No cubicles!


Our Customers
We will provide organic, pesticide free products from a natural plant. Your well-being is our number one priority.

Our Shareholders
We will provide returns to our shareholders by being leaders in an emerging industry.

Our Products
We create quality products that enrich people’s lives.


We work with local partners to benefit members of the local community.

We minimize our footprint wherever possible.

We value mutually beneficial relationships.



Our facilities are on the south shore of Kauai in a town called Omao. Our 3200 square foot facilty is located on land that was once part of a 220-acre sheep farm.


Kauai has always been an Agricultural place hosting companies in the pineapple, sugar cane and corn business. We feel our processing ability will create a paradigm shift on the island as we foresee hemp to be the next highly lucrative crop.


Capitalizing on the ideal year-round climate, consistent sunlight, and cooling trade winds, Hawaii’s sugar plantations once cultivated over 220,000 acres of sugar cane. At the time, Hawaii supplied one-tenth of the sugar that was consumed in the continental United States!

On a per-acre level, sugarcane generated just under five hundred dollars in revenue. Comparatively, hemp-derived CBD generates as much as forty-five thousand dollars per acre. This is very exciting for both the State of Hawaii and the small farmer.

With thousands of different uses for industrial hemp, our company believes that hemp can fill the void that was left when the sugar and pineapple plantations ceased operations by ushering in a new era of agriculture and manufacturing in Hawaii. Hemp will become a vital part of the economy, and will relieve some of Hawaii’s dependence on tourism.


Our Company sources hemp biomass from Kauai Hemp Company, the first certified USDA organic hemp farm in the State of Hawaii. Oregon Tilth, the certifying agency, requires the strictest organic certification standards in the nation. Kauai Hemp Company utilizes Korean Natural Farming (KNF) in order to nurture and fortify the native microorganisms in the soil so that they do not have to use any pesticides or harsh chemicals. They educate fellow farmers on the soil restoration capabilities of hemp, as hemp has the ability to remove toxins from soil, giving new life to damaged farmland. Kauai Hemp Company is available for consultations and can be contacted at


Our CBD is derived from organic, non-pesticide, raw biomass that is locally grown on Kauai. We continue organic standards by processing with organic cane ethanol and the most advanced processing equipment in the industry. Furthermore, we test each and every batch to ensure a top quality product.

We believe that standardized testing is necessary for public health, safety and education. Each of our products shall be tested prior to sale to ensure that the product is free of pesticides, heavy metals and contain no THC. A corresponding batch laboratory report will be available to the end-user.


We feel that by working with local partners we will stimulate the highly beneficial Agriculture industry here in Kauai, creating an atmosphere of self-sustainability.

We feel it is important that we be an example and resource for other Hawaii hemp farmers. It is our goal to partner with other farmers to assist them in the various aspects of hemp farming, with an emphasis on drying and processing hemp biomass. Our commercial dryer is capable of drying a third of an acre in a 21-hour drying cycle. Our laboratory, will intake up to 36 acres worth of hemp biomass yearly while running a schedule of Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM. Production and outputs shall be increased as demand requires. Please contact us if you are looking for a hemp processor.


Our company puts the utmost emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint. In order to accomplish this, we completed our state-of-the-art photovoltaic system in December of 2019, in order to sustainably power all operations. Our extraction lab, is capable of recapturing 97% of our consumables for reuses, leading to minimal waste. Our packaging is eco-friendly.